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The Boys of the Dark
THE BOYS OF THE DARK recounts the compelling story of countless white
and black students sent to a boys reform school in northern Florida,
where guards allegedly physically and sexually abused and even
murdered students in a white-washed cement outbuilding known as The
White House. For 50 years, the boys who spent time at The White
House fought to forget what they endured, yet four of these now-men
could not move on. They eventually found one another and banded
together, calling themselves The White House Boys, and devoting
themselves to bringing their truth and the truth of thousands of
nameless others to light and to justice.
White House Boys Michael O'McCarthy and Robert Straley, together with
their brothers-in-arms, have worked closely with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
and New York Times best-selling author Robin Gaby Fisher to tell this story,
currently in development as a feature film.
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